You're Invited

Exclusive Preview Event

We invite you to experience your newest third place. RSVP by simply texting your name and attending or regrets to 806.853.5459. Excited yet? Follow us on Instagram for a sneak peek!
Thursday, August 26 @ 10:30am



When dreaming up Ninety-Two Bakery & Cafe, we imagined you sitting at a French cafe, enjoying an espresso and pastry, your favorite book in hand or a good friend in tow. We imagined your third place - a place you spend time between your first place (home) or your second place (work).

We wanted it to be a place that feels as good as home, but is a place all your own - a place that brings warmth and a sense of safety and contentment to your heart - a place to connect, exchange ideas and share life with friends, old and new - a place that leaves you feeling restored and invigorated. Ninety-Two Bakery & Cafe is a place created with intention, just for you.